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It was just another workday at Saint Martin's until an acceptance package came across my desk. 

To say my face looked like Shelley Duvall in the infamous, "Here's Johnny" scene is an understatement.

To convince the Office of Admissions to let me redesign the acceptance package, I created several different presentations where I explained why it needed a redesign and what my vision was. My goals were simple. I wanted to create a piece that capitalized on the excitement and rush of emotions someone gets when they receive a letter of acceptance (which the previous package did not do). I also wanted to make it very clear what a student's next steps are to accept their offer by adding a checklist right in their face. This way, students were sharing their big news on social media and, more importantly, submitting their deposits faster. 

Now, it embodies the excitement and meets my original goals while also boldly showing off the Saint Martin's brand. Since the package was barely released in September, there is not any data to show yet. Hopefully, by next year, I will be able to see the fruits of my labor. However, there has been one student so far, who shared their moment on Instagram

Creative Problem Solver & Graphic Artist

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