Knack Style scales mockup.png

Knack Collective Stylescapes

2020 was a time of many interesting changes. One such change was Knack Collective's rebrand. I, along with other designers on the team, each came up with our own creative concepts and sales pitches to present to the company's founders. 

After several days of researching, planning, and experimenting, I compiling everything into two stylescapes. For the first brand direction, I presented a concept that was modern, light, and vibrant. I believed that combining bright imagery with fun, inclusive illustrations embodied the company's "Authenically You" core value. I envisioned an agency that felt very welcoming yet professional so that the brand really reflected the company's fun side. The second concept I presented was a completely different direction. By combining vivid colors with black and white imagery, it was bold and daring which I believed embodied the company's "Radically Transparent" value. With this design, I envisioned a marketing agency that wasn't afraid to take charge and lead the way.

By the end of the project, I was very proud of my work and my sales pitch. This project really shows how far along I've come as a self-taught artist.


Knack Collective


Concepting Designer