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How Do You Monet?

This year, I was honored to be one of only three artists selected out of 25 applicants for the Imagine Monet exhibition in Tacoma - in collaboration with Tacoma Arts Live. The challenge: "How Do You Monet?" empowered us to reinterpret Claude Monet's impressionist style through a contemporary lens. I created "Composure," a 24" x 30" mixed media acrylic piece on canvas. Using Monet's original color palette and traditional impasto strokes, I portrayed a Black woman adorned with sunflowers. Traditional impressionist art often lacks diversity, so I aimed to provide an example that allows people of color, specifically Black women, to see themselves in a different and beautiful light. With her expression, I aimed to explore the delicate balance between resilience and elegance. To add design elements, I added leaf elements to extend beyond the canvas. The final artwork now resides at the Tacoma Armory, along with 10 limited edition signed prints that were produced and sold out by the end of the gallery term. This experience marked my first gallery show, proving that authenticity in art can bridge centuries and cultures. Learn more about my journey with this piece in the video below.


Acrylic Art on Canvas



Monet Elexia Johnson without border.png
"Composure" - 24" x 30" Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas
Monet Animated Gif.gif


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