One random day in the office, I asked myself: Is there a university that has its own emoji set? I believe not! Emojis are used everyday by anyone who has a phone. They are a fun way to express oneself. How cool would it be if our university had their own emoji set for the community to use?


Saint Martin's University's Admissions team uses a Monk as their mascot. Using the original illustrator file of the monk, I was able to configure a set of emojis including (but not limited to) the LOL monk, the angry monk, the sad monk, the cool monk, happy monk, and the winky monk which is my personal favorite. 

For the time being, this emoji set is only available to the MarComm team on Slack. However, it is my hope that we will one day uncover a way to publish this emoji set for all of the Saint Martin's Community to use. 

Elexia Johnson
Creatively  Driven

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