The story of this design picks up right after the Undergraduate Acceptance Package. So, read about that design before you continue reading. 

Everyone on campus loved the new undergraduate acceptance package, especially the Office of Graduate Admission. So it was only natural that they requested a new acceptance package as well. However, there were a few dilemmas: the quantity was much lower, the audience was much difference, and the budget was not ready. 

Nevertheless, I was prepared with research and a clear vision. I wanted the Graduate Acceptance Package to feel like students were being invited to join an exclusive, VIP club. Additionally, I wanted the tone to feel more professional but still exciting for a potentially older audience. The goals for this acceptance package were virtually the same; however, the emotions I wanted to invoke were different.   


The final result is a self-mailing box loaded with gifts that stayed within the client's budget. I am excited to see the results of this acceptance package. 

Creative Problem Solver & Graphic Artist

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