Dear Parents,

Sending your child to college is extremely difficult for you--or maybe not. Maybe it seems insignificant. But you should know: this time period, that is supposed to be the best time of your child's life, is also difficult for them. There will be many nights where they lay in bed wondering if you even miss them. Many nights where they will question who they are as an individual. I have seen, first hand, how many students--like myself--struggle with mental illness and more simply because they lack support from their parents. I have also seen how simple words of encouragement or little sticky notes with words of inspiration can alleviate a huge burden for your child. A burden you might not be aware of. We often forget the old saying about sticks and stones but the truth is that words do hurt. Physical pain may hurt, it may even last, but emotional pain can last a lifetime. The things that you tell your child are the things that they will carry throughout their time in highschool, in college, and for the rest of their life. Those words will either be the light in the darkness when times are hard or the lingering darkness that they cannot escape from.

So before you send your child to college, please take a moment to tell them these three things.

1. You are loved. 2. You are appreciated. 3. We are proud of you.

They may seem simple but these three word phrases are powerful. You may never know the impact of your words, but I guarentee they will make a difference. Just one moment of your time to look your son or daughter in the eye and tell them any of these things will make the biggest difference for them.

Inspired by: https://youtube.come/embed/ltun92DfnPY


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