The Struggle is Real: 100 Days Challenge Update

I am now on the second week (going into the third week) of this 100 days challenge. If you don't know about this new challenge that I am taking on, please visit my previous blog post, "Starting A New Project". Essentially, I am going to draw or create something everyday for 100 days. But, man, the struggle is real. I've come across several obstacles and I've only started this challenge!

The first obstacle was finding a way to record myself drawing. Naturally, I took to Pinterest to figure out a way I could do this without buying some fancy equipment. What I found was this interesting set up:

Now this portion was the biggest pain in my butt because I cannot balance anything to save my life. I had to get my boyfriend to balance everything just to record myself drawing once. The best part was having everything come crashing down while I was randomly drawing.

"Everyone knows that college kids do not have time for anything (unless it's Netflix)"

The second and most obvious challenge is time. Everyone knows that college kids do not have time for anything (unless it's Netflix). Having to find time between work, class and homework to set everything up and draw is a challenge. Even trying to figure out what to draw is a challenge. Even finding time to update my blog is difficult. However, doing this has forced me to be creative in a way I haven't experience before. I've had to muster up a lot of bravery even to share work on my Instagram that I'm not happy with. I believe it is strengthening my ability to be creative and be brave.

The positive part of this entire challenge is I've come up with some great doodles that I hope to recreate in Adobe Illustrator. You can always visit my Instagram page to see what I have created but here are some of my favorite ones so far:

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