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I Know The Secret To Getting A Job

This is not a click-bait. A week ago, I attended one of the Executive Leadership Series lectures at my university. Clearly, I attended the right one because the lecturer gave us the secret to not only getting a job after graduating college but also getting employers to come to you. The speaker was an alum of my university named Karl Phillip Lund. He had an amazing story of being an entrepreneurial leader at my university but, after discussing his journey, he spilled the beans about getting employers to come to you.

Lund began the lecture with a simple question: have you ever googled yourself? This may seem like an odd thing to do but the results that come up may make a difference in your future career. To be completely honest, the results you might find are often shocking--it really shows you that nothing you do is private. Everything you do on the internet stays on the internet even if you didn't create it yourself.

Believe me, the search results are important. According to Lund, employers are more likely to google your name than check your references. Why? Because they are looking for signs of emergent leadership and community involvement. Since Google is the equivalent of Big Brother nowadays, they will be able to gauge who you are based on your search results.

So I ask you, are your Google results what you want your future boss to see? Most likely, they are not and even if they are decent, they probably could be better. Now you're wondering, how can I change or control my search results? The answer is simple: have your own website.

"...Have you every googled yourself?"

I present to you three simple steps to getting employers to come to you based on Lund's lecture:

  1. Have a personal Website with a blog Having your own personal website has a lot of benefits but the primary one is being able to control what pops up whenever someone googles your name. For example, when you

google my name, the first two things that pop up are my website and my LinkedIn. This usually means you're doing something right. Since your personal website is the first search result, it will demonstrate to future employers that you have a basic understanding of web analytics. This essentially means you know about things such as SEO, using tags and other techniques to ensure your site is at the very top.

The most important aspect of your website will be the blog portion. A blog is a great way to show off your writing and communication skills. However, it is really important that the content you produce is proofed and has some level of professionalism. You might think this would be difficult to do but with the multitude of website platforms today, blogs are very easy to create. Even if you already have a blog, don't be discouraged if you don't a lot of followers! You only need the power of social media and one to three followers to make it work. Lund has his own blog at http://stammen.no/. Warning: it's all in Norwegian.

  1. Critique the company that you would like to work at On your blog, you should take the time to write weekly (at the very least) and make sure it is organized. One of your blog posts should be a critique of the company you want to work at. If this is written well and has substantial merit, it is highly likely they will contact you. Lund presented one of his students as an example who really wanted to work for Unicef. After writing several articles critiquing various aspects of the company, he was contacted and offered a job. As a matter of fact, he was offered multiple jobs. As surprising as it might sound, he simply blogged often and shared his blog on social media often. You can check him out at http://aleksanderneely.com/. Unfortunately, his website is also in Norwegian.

  2. Be Yourself As cliché as it might sound, be yourself! Your website and your blog should be uniquely you and all about you. This an opportunity to show who you are and what you have to offer.

In conclusion, all you really have to do is blog and stay yourself. If you blog well, then employers will surely come to you.

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