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My attempt to Study Abroad

Since I have been a student at Pacific Lutheran University, I have wanted to study abroad. Unfortunately, every time the opportunity came up I had to postpone my dream because I couldn't afford.

Now, I am going to graduate soon and this is truly my last chance to study abroad. The good news is that I have been accepted into the program to study abroad in Fall 2017. The bad news is that I still can't afford it.

But momma didn't raise no quitter. I am working multiple jobs and trying to do freelance to save up money for this trip but there are so many preliminary costs. Here just a couple of the huge cost I face:

1. The program deposit - $500 due 4/14

2. The work visa - $450 due 6/15

3. The plane - $$$ due 8/30

You're probably thinking, why are you doing this to yourself?

Originally, I had a fabulous idea of using my university refund to cover these cost. Yet, at the last minute, the university decided to chance around my financial aid so that I owed money instead of receiving money. As much as that flat out sucked, I understood and took care of it. Now, I have a new plan that just requires a little bit more blood, sweat and tears.

No matter the cost I face, I will do my absolute best to study abroad in London. There are still many ways that you can support me to make my dream a reality.1. Donate using the widget above or at GoFundMe.com2. Hire me for work

Either way, I will post updates about my work and my attempt to study abroad so wish me luck!

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