Questions to Ask Yourself

Last week I discussed some of the tools you need to be prepared for the first week. This week, I'm talking about four important questions to ask yourself when the first week is over.

The easiest week is always the first week which is why it is the perfect time to prepare for the rest of the school year. It gives you a glimpse at what classes will be needy and which classes you can relax in and the smart way to do good in your classes.

1). Notebook or NoteBook?

The first question to ask yourself is whether or not you should use a laptop or a composition notebook in your new set of classes. Unfortunately, there is a lot of aspects to this question that will help you decide. The most important thing to consider is what kind of professor you have. If your professor talks really fast and you're a fast type then go with the laptop. However, if your professor talks really slow then I would just use paper. On the other hand, if you get distracted easily then you should also use paper.

But to be completely honest, I always recommend using a laptop. It saves a lot of paper and saves you money (unless you don't have a laptop). Many people will be reluctant to bring their laptop because its too bulky but if you have a tablet or ipad you can purchase a cheap bluetooth keyboard to get the same benefits. I did this and it is very useful but usually I get distracted with Fallout Shelter. (Hint: If you do get distracted there are apps available on iTunes and GooglePlay that will restrict use the of certain apps). Using electronic notes, such as Onenote, makes your life much easier around finals week. The best thing about Onenote is that you can tag anything you write which means when your professor says, "this will be on the final," you can mark it as "muy importante". Onenote is also great because, when your professor decides to be nice and give you a study guide, you can literally use Ctrl+F to sure your notes and quickly find the answer. Which means quicker and more effective study time.

2). How should I manage my time?

I cannot begin to describe how sad it is to see college students run around like a chicken with its head cut off because they are stressed and don't have free time for things they enjoy. To answer this question, I like to use my Ghostbusters analogy.

Imagine that you have four ghostbusters. One ghostbuster named work—he is definitely manageable not so bad. The next ghostbuster is "Me"—he represent alone time. Then, you have "Fun"—this is everyone's favorite ghostbuster but he is really overwhelming and distracting. The last one is the ghostbuster you typically want to avoid— his name is "School". Normally, the ghostbuster would tell you not to cross the beams but this time ALWAYS CROSS THE BEAMS.

If you can knock out too things at once, then do it. It will make things much easier. The best part is that the fun ghostbuster goes with any other ghostbuster. That means you can have fun while you are at work or while you're doing homework or if a work assignment is similar to a school assignment find a way to connect them and alleviate the work load. The possibilities are endless.

But, the easiest way to manage your time is to use google calendar. It legitimately has everything you need to organize and plan accordingly.

3). Where's the food?

This question is one that I ask myself often. We college students are usually broke thus getting food is usually sacrificed in order to buy something else like gas or textbooks. However, there are a few ways to manage this. One option is to get a Costco card (or use a relatives) so that you can buy food in bulk and have it readily available for, hopefully, a couple months. If you don't have a vehicle or access to one another option would be to attend events on campus that have free food. That is a great way to save money and get food. My favorite option is buying a few things of tupperware and bringing them with me at dinner time. My university has free dinners if you have a student ID card. Ideally, this would be a perfect opportunity to get extra food for lunch or even dinner the next day.

Now, I know you're wondering why this is a question. The answer is one your parents have told you many times. A healthy diet equals a healthy attitude and a healthy brain. Just think of it this way: if you are in class or at work and you're stomach is making angry whale noises because you're hungry, then that is distracting for you and for those around you. Moreover, having a balanced diet improves concentration and increases energy levels which means you can study with ease for longer.

4). But what about this?

I understand that many other questions come up like what to wear and how to decorate your dorm but those questions are not important. College can be fun but college can also be easy if you plan ahead and stay organized. Anything that you thinking about doing should make you comfortable, happy, and fit in your google calendar. If the calendar ain't happy then you're not going to be either. If it isn't making your life easier, then you should drop it as fast as Beyoncé can drop it like its hot.

Just answer these simple questions and the rest of your school year will be easy. Comment or ask questions down below.

As always, good luck!


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