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The Problem with The New Wonder Woman

Many people have seen the new Batman v. Superman Movie and many people have debated about the new Wonder Woman but I am here to present a new argument to the table: Why can’t muscular women be depicted as drop-dead gorgeous too?

First things first, who is Wonder Woman? According to DC Wikia, Wonder Woman is an deadly, six-foot tall immortal amazonian woman named Diana. Born in 1200 B.C., she was made from the clay of Paradise Island by the Queen Hippolyta. Some of the powers given to her by the ancient Greek gods include (but not limited to): great strength, wisdom and courage, a hunter’s heart and communion with animals, and the gift of flight. She is a trained warrior. Wonder Woman defeated Captain Marvel, Batman, and several other Greek gods.

Wonder Woman in this movie

Now for the meaty part, Wonder Woman is often depicted within the comics, t.v. shows and this recent movie as petite and strikingly beautiful. But Princess Diana is just as deadly as she is beautiful. She is supposed to be a very intimidating and beautiful woman but the movie portrays her as just strikingly beautiful. One of the biggest problems I had with this movie is that Batman put his hands on her. Batman doesn’t even know how badly Wonder Woman can beat him up. However, her involvement in the finale battle against Doomsday was well done.

The Problem

Wonder Woman is an amazon. Tall, strong, and deadly. She has defeated Gods and is strong enough to beat up Batman and Superman but her physique does not give the audience any inclination that she could do any of this. I have always wondered why male super heroes can be super bulked but female super hero cannot?

The second problem is that both men are overly buffed why can’t the heroines be too. Probably because the media still believes that women who are too muscular are unattractive. Her physique does not give the audience any inclination that she could do any of this because media There is only a few movies that have female actors with visible muscle definition. One example, is Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. She is very clearly muscular and definitely a bada**.

I hope in the next movie we will get to learn more about this new wonder woman to see which origin story they use.

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