Best Websites to Get a Flight For Cheap

Everyone knows that flights overseas cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes it only cost that much because you're not searching in the right places.

When I was initially looking for flights to London, I was overwhelmed by the cost. Many of the plane tickets for a round trip ticket cost more than $1800. Seriously! I am planning four months in advanced and it cost that much! Ridiculous. However, I was able to find a few websites that offer cheap flights just for students. I was able to book my flight through STA Travel which found me a round trip flight to London for under $900. The cost difference is more than half.

Most of these websites are comparable to search engines that are able to find the cheapest deals across multiple airlines. Most of them will compare different types of flights (overlays or late night flights) as well to offer you the absolute cheapest option. Some claim that they apply discounts specially for students. Regardless, some of the prices found were cheaper than popular website like TripAdvisor. However, there is a catch. Some links require that you have a student email to gain the discounts which means you email has to end in ".edu".

  1. STA Travel

  2. Cheap O'Air

  3. Student Universe

If you don't believe me, check it out yourself. You'll be amazed with the prices.

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