Why I Won't Buy the New Google Pixel

Consumers are told every couple of months, to buy the next Apple or Android phone because it claims to have a game changing phone with a better display, better camera and better battery. The new Google Pixel is no exception. It presents consumers with the average bundle of marketing tactics and phone upgrades by making the same claims every other phone company makes.

As a huge admirer and aspiring leader of Google, I was thrilled to find out that Google was coming out with its own phone. Many articles claim Google's new phone is a game changer with hardware and specs to be rivaled with. The Pixel comes with a seamless aluminum body, AMOLED display screen, a fast-charging, long-lasting battery, and a powerful camera. But, this just sounds like a weird case of Deja vu when considering other phones on the market. Even with all its upgrades, consumers are not being given something completely out of the box or even worthy of being called game changing.

As a consumer, I am left asking what makes this phone different from the rest? For one, "you have Google Assistant." But what makes using Google Assistant on my phone different than using it on the Pixel? "It also has VR capability", but so do other phones in the market. "All your Google favorites at hand," So what? All my favorite Google Applications are already in one place--my current phone!

The big question for the Google Pixel is "so what?" For an ordinary consumer, nothing advertised on the website is different or game changing.

However, there is one thing I believe answers our question and sets the Google Pixel apart from other phones--connectivity. While researching the Pixel, I was amazing to discover how connected the Google Pixel could be with other smart home devices. By connecting your Google Pixel with the Google Wi-fi and Google Home, you could essentially create a smart house. A house where everything is either controlled from your phone, hands-free and voice controlled, or controlled on its own based on Google's knowledge of your daily life. Honestly, this sounds much cooler than a new and improved camera.

Now the question is:

Why isn't Google marketing that?

The idea of connectivity and compatibility with technology in your house is a powerful marketing tool and should be one of the focal marketing points for the Pixel. However, this is not something you learn on the Pixel's website but on the Google Wifi website. If Google was ever confronted by a consumer like me, someone asking "what's the big deal?"; I believe Google's answer shouldn't be about a brand new display, battery or camera, it should be about connected-ness.

Even though the Google Pixel is an incredible phone, I am still disappointed. I expect Google to be companies that pave the wave for revolutionary technology. There is so much we could do with the right inspiration and direction. I, for one, am dying for smart phones or smart watches with holographic capabilities. The technology is already being developed and implemented but it's not by Google (or Microsoft) it's by RED. Now is the time to be bold, take risk and be innovative. Hopefully, the up and coming Google Pixel 2 will embody this.

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