Starting A New Project

February 17, 2017

Hello World!


Every class gives us projects to do (some more interesting than others). One particular class, has challenged us to do one thing for one hundred days. 


My first thought: What on earth am I going to do for one hundred days straight?!


There are many things that I like to do such as reading, drawing and cooking but narrowing down the options seemed difficult. First off, cooking everyday for 100 days would be expensive. Secondly, I already read every day because of class. I don't want to read even more! But, drawing is something that I need to work on.

At that moment, it was decided. I would draw everyday for a hundred days.


As ironic as it may seem, I love art but I have never been confident enough to show it. I figured that this might be the time to help me (force me) to commit to my artwork. This could be the perfect opportunity to me to build confidence when it comes to my drawings and share them with the world. At that moment, it was decided. I would draw everyday for a hundred days.


My goal is to use this as an opportunity to explore my drawing style and build artistic confidence. By the end of this 100 days project, I hope to have a time-lapse video of all my doodles. I will give updates here at least every two days over the weeks but, you can check my Instagram (@misslexijohnson) to see my daily doodles. 


Wish me luck!

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