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Season of giving: A team effort on holiday gift wrap

Hemlock Gift Wrap 1 Mockup.png


Illustration & Packaging Design


Simon Sung, Rita, Madeleine , Chelsea




Summer 2022

Hemlock’s Seasonal Gift Wrapping Paper

Each year for the winter holidays Hemlock invites artists and designers to create a sheet of holiday wrapping paper as a thank you gift box to their stakeholders. It’s their opportunity to connect with customers, support artists, and show off their printing capabilities. I was nominated by an old friend to collaborate on this project with two other artist. It was such an honor to participate and work with such talented artist. I was responsible for designing two of the six wrapping papers included in the box.


Sheet 1 Endless Giving

The theme for this year’s gift box was, “Ways of Giving”. I wanted to depict how people come together when they give. At first, I thought about the theme in a very literal sense; but, after many rough sketches, I landed on the idea of interlocking hands which look like a chain forming. It also features a range of skin tones to celebrate diversity and support Black Lives. I believe the depiction of an endless loop of giving showcases the ways of giving.

Sheet 2 Spirit of Giving

For sheet two, I presented a new take on the spirit of the winter holidays who is so often not portrayed as a person of color. I felt this would reinforce the idea of celebrating diversity and give subtle nods to figures like Mother Christmas or Mrs. Claus. The words in the background showcase the different ways of giving for additional texture and repeating the theme.

Hemlock Gift Wrap 5 Mockup.png
Fina Holiday Dieline for Hemlock created by Simon Sung


"It was a pleasure working with Elexia on a packaging project...Asset delivery was on time and the work she produced was stunning. Highly recommended."


— Simon Sung, Giftbox Project Manager

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