Artist. Leader.
Boss in the making.

Hi, I'm Elexia but you can call me Lexi for short. I am a creative problem solver and graphic designer in the making. About Pages are the worst but here we go!


I got my start in graphic design through a lucky break when I interned for Pacific Lutheran University's Marketing and Communications office. That internship, coupled with my Act Six Leadership scholarship, taught me all about what it means to be an artist and a leader.


Since then, art (in all forms) has become my life. I love watching movies, especially horror movies; playing story-driven video games; listening to rock music; and loving on my furbaby, Macaroni. I enjoy getting my hands dirty with paint, cookie dough, and anything else that will probably get me into trouble. Most of all, I love to try new things or go new places. I hope to some day travel to Italy or Egypt to see the greatest works of art ever created.


Art has inspired me to grow. I want to become a better artist, a better leader, and an overall better woman. I strive to solve problems and work to create something new. My aim is to connect communities through clean aesthetics, unique design elements, culture conscious messaging, and user-focused solutions. Focusing on these goals is what can help one brand stand out over another in this media saturated market we live in today. 

Although I am young and still have much to learn, I am looking forward to a life full of creation and travel with Macaroni. We are always looking for new opportunities or the chance to meet new people to create something meaningful—so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.