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I’m making art, mom


“I came to realize that I had
more to offer this world than just making things blow up”


—Tony Stark       

[Creative titles goes here]

Full-time freelancer, artist, and nerd are just some words I would use to describe myself. I was born and raised in Long Beach, California, but I have lived in Seattle and even London.

My journey with graphic design began with Microsoft Paint. As a kid, I would stay up late at my grandma’s house experimenting with Paint and learning how to draw. As I got older, I transitioned to PowerPoint to design posters and t-shirts for school. Cringe, I know. Through a design internship at Pacific Lutheran University, I finally found a world where I could be a full-time artist and still get paid for it. Fast-forward a few years and a college degree later, I now work as a full-time freelance multidisciplinary designer, but mostly I’m an artist at heart.

I enjoy getting my hands dirty with art supplies and learning new things through experimentation about design, animation, and game design. I have a passion for helping small businesses and people of color achieve their dreams through market-based, research-backed design. Through my masters of digital marketing (and a lot of good network contacts), I fulfill my passion and support all my client’s marketing and design needs--including print, web, digital, and illustration design.

If you’re interested in learning more or just want to send me a nice message, please contact me here or check my social media out below.

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  • YouTube color
  1. Bachelor of Arts in Communication,
    Pacific Lutheran University, 2018

  2. Masters of Science in Digital Marketing, Roehampton University, 2022

  1. Staying up too late watching funny internet videos

  2. Nerding out on movies & video games

  3. My cat Macaroni

  1. Peanut butter

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