5 Places I Go to Break the Block

Being a creative can be difficult. Every day you have to design, come up with unique ideas or whatever else your job entails. Every so often, all that creativity just stops. You have no idea why. You just can't. Literally. Can't. You being to sorta panic. Why? Your entire job depends on your ability to create but you just can't seem to create at the moment. There's a block and your mind and it's stoping you from doing your job.

When this happens what do you do? Some people might suggest you take a walk, exercise or some weird food. I typically take a deep breathe and peruse online until I find something that sparks the engine again.

Here is some of the places I visit when I need inspiration:

  1. DeviantArt Everyone knows DeviantArt. It is a great place to look at what other people are creating. Moreover, it is an amazing way to build a community around art. I find that having a community of people to discuss art with not only helps me get over my creative blocks but also helps me prevent them.

  2. Spruce Rd. This website is dedicated to a local freelance company​. I mostly pay attention to the newsletters that are sent out once a week. Their topics always team me something new or give me something to think about. The website always list many of their successful pieces. I love to visit their page to see if anything new is listed because I love their style of design--clean, simple and straight to the point.

  3. Brand New I was originally introduce to Brand New by my Boss Simon. This website shows the before and afters of rebranded companies, logos or marketing materials. It can be very useful when I am looking for a fresh way to do a traditional piece. Besides that it is really cool to see the thing that people come up with when rebranding an organization. It never fails to inspire me to improve my design skills so I can be that creative.

  4. Pinterest The obvious answer is always Pinterest. But I think people fail to realize how much Pinterest has. There are literally so many pins to either teach you how to do something new or just to see what other people have done. Pinterest is always the fastest most reliable way to get more design inspiration.

  5. Etsy Even though Etsy is just an online store, I find that looking at things people have personally created really inspires me and, in a way, empowers me. There are users who offer simple greeting cards or awesome posters that are custom made. Every time I visit Etsy, I am amazed at the things people can make just with their own two hands.

I hope if you're experience a block this post will help you overcome it. If you're wondering how you can you prevent this block from happening in the first place. The answer is simple: constantly surround yourself with inspiration.

Good Luck!


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