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Forget Home Depot or Lowes! Check out Sherwin Williams

Let's take a moment to appreciate good design and collaboration.

As an artist, I love paint and how it can transform a space. However, when I usually think of buying paint, I think of Home Depot or Lowes but never Sherwin Williams. To be completely honest, I don't even know much about Sherwin Williams. But after seeing an ad from their new campaign, "Where will color take you?", my mind has been changed!

The campaign was brought to life by McKinney Agency and Buck Studios. According to Adweek, "It took nearly 30,000 paint chips, along with 24 production artists working a total of 5,600 hours, to bring this majestic menagerie to life for 30 seconds". Although the ad is about a year old, I barely saw it this past weekend.

Of all the campaign's iterations, my favorite, without a doubt, is the Safari:

From the vibrant color and music to the tagline: Everything about this ad just works! Watching giraffes, elephants and flamingos come alive was an amazing display of Sherwin Williams' color capabilities. Additionally, it just makes me want to paint everything in sight!

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