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London: Third times the charm

I'm sure you're wondering, "London again, Lexi?!" I know, I know but I have a good excuse for this return to London: Graduate school!

This coming fall, Macaroni (my cat) and I will be moving to south London to attend the University of Roehampton and get a masters of science in digital marketing. Fancy, right? I am so excited to finally check "Get a master's degree" off my list. I can't wait to hit the books and complete this one-year program--learning the in's and out's of marketing in a digital landscape.The course also includes a Global Leadership program which provides workshops, opportunities to build connections, and even an international field trip to China.

While abroad, my goal is to break out of my shell and build lifelong connections with classmates and professors by joining clubs and fellowships. I hope to do a much better job of documenting my experience abroad with photos and blog updates (than I did the last time I studied abroad).

Over the past year, I have worked hard to save up money but I still have a lot to go. Below are some ways that you can support my journey to get a master's degree. Any support you provide will go toward moving costs, books and school supplies, housing, and tuition and fees.

Ways to support my graduate school:

  1. Purchase some art from my website

  2. Hire or refer me for some graphic design work

  3. Purchase something from my student registry

  4. Or make a donation (this would be a great birthday gift wink,wink)

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