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The Power of Being A Broke Artist

Since I started the #100DaysChallenge, I've encountered many obstacles and struggles. Many of those struggles deal with the fact that I am just a broke college student who can't afford the spplies I want. I constantly find myself wishing I had more supplies so I can be like other better artist. As if me and my artwork are limited because of my financial situation. However, I have realized that is not true at all. I am not limited but empowered. Although there are many struggles of being a broke artist, there is also a lot of power.


...being an artist isn't about having money. It's about being innovative and

creating things from the heart.


If you're anything like me, you're probably thinking you're not empowered, you can't have better art without better supplies. But, we are both wrong. I once created a water color picture using nothing but burnt q-tips, a candle and a cup of water because I couldn't afford watercolors. I once created a charcoal drawing using a burnt stick because I couldn't afford charcoal. There are several popular artist, just like me, who have created beautiful works of art just by using the resources around them. Why? Because being an artist isn't about having money or having fancy gadgets. It's about being innovative and creating things from the heart.

I present to you five reasons on why being a broke artist is more powerful than being a rich one:

Bird made from burnt q-tips

1. It shows that you are resourceful.

I have a high level of respect for junkyard artist who are able to create amazing industrial statues from trash. Being able to find something and tell yourself, "this will work" is the very definition of resourcefulness. You have the ability to find quick and clever solutions to overcome your problems and create beautiful works of art.

2. It shows that you are innovative

Similar to being resourceful, being a broke artist can also show how innovative your are. Finding unique ways to overcome the obstacles you face while producing the same results (in some cases, better results) is a powerful skill set.

3. It's trendy

Since the creation of Pinterest, I've noticed the increased trend of creating something from nothing. The ironic part is that many people buy the needed supplies to create their "pinspiration". But many artist that already have nothing are the ones creating those pins. Being a broke artist means you're not only ahead of the curve, you're also trendy.

4. The day you get good stuff will be the day you produce amazing art

If you change your perspective then your outlook and production of art will change as well. Re-envision being a broke artist as practice and preparation for the day you have money to buy supplies. I guarantee that will be the day you produce even better art because you will have the experience and the means.

5. It makes you unique

As cliché as it might sound, being a broke artist makes you unique. Everyone can go out and buy things to become a better artist but taking the time to hone your skill and create something that comes from your hearts takes a person with immense skill. Don't let being broke get you down. Be yourself and be patient.

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