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The Final Post: 100 Days Project

Throughout all the hardships in my life, there has always been one thing that helped me escape—my drawings. For that reason, I decided early on that I would use drawing to complete my 100 Days Project. To complete this project, I drew everyday for 100 days straight. If you have been following this blog series then you know all the struggles I have faced and overcome during this project. This simple project has taught me valuable lessons about drawing.


"Our drawings are an extension of our soul. They are not to hide."


I have learned to not overthink or overcomplicate things and to simply draw what comes from my creative mind. Most of all, I have learned to be confident about my artwork and not criticize every little thing. I have even learned a bit about blogging by completing this project. I have learned that it is important to create a plan and stick to it. I have also learned that the most important thing about blogging is hitting that share button so all your friends and family can see it!

Even though this seems like a simple project, it was actually quite difficult. I struggled with record myself, finding the time to draw and the right time to share. But I slowly figured out the solutions to all my problems. I hope that this inspires other people who are too shy to share their work. Don't be afraid! Our drawings are an extension of our soul. They are not to hide. You will be surprised by the positive feedback and support you get from your artwork.

As hard as it might seem, life is like a Nike commercial, you just have to do it.

As promised, below is the final video. I did the best I could with Movie Maker and I hope you all enjoy it! Feel free to comment below with your own drawings, thought or ideas. I would even love to receive request on what my next project should be or what I should draw next.

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