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Bringing 2024 into Focus

It’s finally complete - my 2023 Digital Lookbook is here! This book captures the creative highlights and meaningful milestones from an unforgettable year.

2023 took me on adventures across the globe, from Rome to Seattle and many cities between. It was also a year of evolution, as I refined my focus to provide ongoing brand management for minority-owned businesses.

The lookbook chronicles these journeys through vivid project features and fun memories. Within its pages, you'll explore new brands crafted for inspiring partners like:

  1. Saanj Winery - Learn about conceptualizing an inclusive vision that fuses cultures

  2. El Sueñito Brewery - See their brand continue to ascend in the PNW beer scene

  3. Rise & Grind Coffee Co. - Discover how I brought four founder's vision to life

  4. Mama Bear Transit - Explore a new startup poised to disrupt healthcare transportation

Interspersed throughout are my favorite creative moments, like illustrating for Grit City Magazine and producing personal art. These pages provide a glimpse into my artistic soul.

Download PDF • 26.25MB

While 2023 brought profound loss, the lessons of resilience and human connection will stay with me. As the calendar turns to 2024, I’m committed to forging ahead with purpose, while making space for creativity.

I hope this visual journey inspires you to pursue your passions wholeheartedly and uplift others as we all find fulfillment in work that matters. Cheers to 2024!

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