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Unveiling My 2022 Digital Look Book: A Visual Journey Through Creative Milestones

It took forever but it's finally here! Excited to introduce my 2022 Digital Look Book.

In 2022, I dedicated a significant chunk of my life to self-improvement, nurturing my business, and honing my craft. I embarked on a transformative journey, spending the year in London, immersing myself in art classes while wrapping up my master's degree in digital marketing. It was a year of growth, where I took on over 40 projects and welcomed several new clients into my creative fold. Notably, I had the pleasure of collaborating with visionaries like El Sueñito Brewery, Wunderbred, Black Digital, and Acton Circle. It was challenging, no doubt, but with the invaluable guidance of mentors, I learned to trust my creative instincts a little more and successfully concluded my another year as a full-time freelancer.

One of the reason I struggled to complete this book sooner was due to the lost of one my old mentors, Josh Redmond, who helped me realize early on in college that a life in the creative arts was possible. I dedicated this book to him which put immense on me to make sure it lived up to his standards. Nevertheless, I'm Josh would be very proud of my journey thus far.

But what better way to showcase this incredible journey than through the lens of my 2022 Digital Look Book? This look book encapsulates a year filled with creative milestones, each project a testament to my dedication and artistic vision.

In the pages of this look book, you'll find a visual narrative of my most remarkable projects from 2022, including:

  1. El Sueñito Brewery Branding: Witness the evolution of a brand, website, and logo that I crafted to perfection. You can read about this project here.

  2. Cox Arcade Games: Dive into the gaming industry as we explore digital arcades designed in Figma, showcased on Cox cable TV, and featured in shows like Chucky, House of the Dragon, NBC, and Cartoon Network. Read more here.

  3. Aslan Brewing Baya Gose: Experience the vibrant pop art style brought to life in a collaboration with Aslan Brewery, culminating in a captivating beer label. Check it out here.

  4. Holiday Gift Wrap for Hemlock: Discover two unique gift wrapping papers designed for a printing company on the west coast, nestled within a holiday gift box set. See the art here.

  5. Amazon Care's Summer of Care: Immerse yourself in the retro aesthetic as I unveil the assets I designed for Amazon Care's Summer of Care campaign.

For an in-depth exploration of these projects, complete with striking visuals and detailed insights, I invite you to click below and dive into the digital look book. It's a visual journey that reflects my growth as a designer and artist over the past year, and I can't wait for you to join me on this creative odyssey.

Download PDF • 1.48MB

As we close out 2023, my aim is to stay strong and finish building upon the solid foundation I've laid. I aspire to forge new partnerships with even more agencies, champion the cause of small- and minority-owned businesses, and, most importantly, nurture my identity as a designer and artist. It has been a significant challenge this year, but I'm committed to broadening my skill set, dedicating more time to personal art projects that bring boundless joy, and fortifying my animation prowess.

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